As people drink the clean, fresh water from a Jesus Well instead of water from polluted sources, many experience drastic health improvements.

February 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 2

Healing Waters

Pestanji was out of options. A severe skin irritation covered his body, making it difficult and sometimes impossible for him to provide for his wife and two daughters. They largely depended on him; if he didn’t work, their daily needs would most likely not be met. Although Pestanji’s wife weaved to help ease the financial stress, any money that could be spared was spent on medical treatment to find a cure or relief for Pestanji.

No Respite, No Relief

Pestanji’s irritation began after he moved to a new village and was exposed to a new water source. Multiple hospital visits proved fruitless; every medication failed to bring a cure. After a year, the doctor recommended Pestanji go to a different hospital for advanced treatment, but Pestanji couldn’t afford this.

Then, one day, Pestanji met Dayakara, a local GFA-supported pastor. Pestanji told the pastor of his family’s hardships and how they had been using water from a pond near their home for their drinking, bathing and washing needs.

Pestanji and his family

Hearing this, Pastor Dayakara encouraged Pestanji and his family to draw water from the nearby Jesus Well, which had been installed months earlier. Pestanji was hesitant at first because he was not part of the church, but the pastor explained the well was open to everyone.

Healing and Peace

From that day on, Pestanji and his family drew their water from the Jesus Well. Gradually, Pestanji’s skin irritation subsided. Pestanji told Pastor Dayakara the good news of his improved health, and he asked the pastor a question: Why was the well called a “Jesus” well? Pastor Dayakara explained, telling Pestanji of Jesus and His love.

With a newfound faith, Pestanji declared to his family that he would be healed. After some time, the skin irritation left Pestanji completely. Now healed, Pestanji can work once again to provide for his family.

Having witnessed this miracle, Pestanji and his family embraced God’s love into their hearts. Now they fellowship with the local church, worshiping and praising the Lord.