February 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 2

Families in Slum Taste Clean Water

Paband and Litesh and their families all live in a slum. The community’s only water sources provide polluted, smelly water, so many people, including Litesh, suffered from stomach aches and kidney problems.

Seeing the people’s need, GFA-supported worker Lalitkumar decided to do something: He arranged to give some residents BioSand water filters to provide the pure water they needed.

Families living in a slum joyfully received 10 BioSand water filters, enabling them to purify the filthy, polluted water that was making their families sick.

Around 10 families, including Paband’s and Litesh’s, received water filters.

“I never used a water filter in my life, but I will use this and will drink clean water,” Paband said. The filters will not only keep sicknesses away, but they will also help ease financial burdens.

“I had gone to a doctor, who advised me to drink clean and sufficient water,” he said. “I bought water bottles for a week from the shop, but I can’t afford to buy [that] every day. Thank you very much for being concerned and for giving me a water filter.”