Aamaal (pictured) was on the edge of despair as she labored alone to provide for her family. When she received a piglet through a GFA-supported gift distribution, her financial burden was lifted.

January 2020 • Vol. 17, No. 1

How a Piglet Transformed a Family

Exhaustion hung over Aamaal like a dark cloud. The 35-year-old woman felt nothing but fatigue, frustration and disappointment in herself and her beliefs. Aamaal’s husband, Rajkumar, regularly fell sick. As he was unable to work their farm, Aamaal took on the duty of providing for their two children.

The Worries of a Wife and Mother

Aamaal and Rajkumar sought a cure for Rajkumar’s illnesses, but the family quickly ran out of money. The rituals Aamaal observed failed to protect Rajkumar’s health, and every time her husband became ill, Aamaal’s worry increased. The labor work took a heavy toll on Aamaal, both physically and emotionally. She felt like a failure in trying to find healing for her husband—but she needed to be strong.

A Turn for the Better

One day, the family heard a knock at their door. At their threshold stood GFA-supported pastor Delmar. As the pastor talked with the family, he saw the poverty they lived in and felt the utter despair surrounding the household.

Pastor Delmar began to understand the family’s circumstances. Compassion filled his heart as he listened to the struggles facing the family. There must be some way he could help them.

A Weight Lifted Off Their Shoulders

After multiple visits from Pastor Delmar, along with prayer and encouragement, Aamaal and Rajkumar received an answer. They had been chosen to receive a piglet at a gift distribution!

When Aamaal received her piglet, she was overjoyed and speechless! The piglet would soon provide an income to help take care of Aamaal’s family—a solution to the financial problems facing her and her husband. In the future, Aamaal and Rajkumar could sell the piglet, providing themselves some security in their circumstances.

Because Aamaal’s heart was so touched by the love she and her family had been shown, she wanted to learn more about Jesus, whom she had never heard of before. Aamaal began attending worship services at the church, and as time passed, she began to understand more about Jesus and His incredible love. Soon, Aamaal fully embraced that love—all through the simple gift of a piglet.