19-year-old Hanita (pictured) understood her need for a savior through a one-week Vacation Bible School program.

August 2019 • Vol. 16, No. 6

His Plan, Not Mine

Unlike most children in Asia, Hanita grew up in a Christian home. Her parents worshiped Jesus wholeheartedly and taught their children from God’s Word. From a very young age, Hanita understood Christ was the only Savior, but she didn’t understand that she also was a sinner in need of His grace. The 19-year-old developed an unhealthy mentality of self-righteousness; and even though she read the Bible daily, Hanita did not understand the truth behind it.

One summer, GFA-supported pastor Kiritmani and the regional Sunday School leader organized a Vacation Bible School in Hanita’s area. The young woman attended the five-day program, and by the end, her proud and stubborn heart had softened.

During the week, Hanita realized that she, too, was a sinner in need of redemption. Merely reading and attending prayer meeting and worship services couldn’t save her. She decided to acknowledge her sin and trust in Jesus as her Savior.

Now, Hanita rejoices in her transformed heart. With her heart of pride now replaced by a heart of gratitude, Hanita looks forward to a life serving the Lord.