Yani (pictured) was desperately ill when Pastor Qadir met her one Christmas and told her about Jesus’ power and love. Yani started attending worship services at a church, like the one pictured on right, and as she grew in her faith, she also found healing in Jesus

December 2019 • Vol. 16, No. 10

Woman Finds Healing from Evil Spirit

After yet another doctor’s appointment and a round of unsuccessful medical treatments, Yani began to lose hope of ever being free. For three long years, she struggled to live everyday life because she was harassed by an evil spirit. Her health continued to worsen, and nothing seemed able to conquer the evil spirit that plagued her.

Yani’s husband took her to see many doctors in hopes that medical advice would heal her. Unfortunately, nothing helped, and Yani’s condition became critical.

One December, GFA-supported pastor Qadir and a group of believers from the local church where he ministered journeyed through Yani’s neighborhood to share the joy of Christmas. They prayed for the sick and offered literature about hope.

When they arrived at Yani’s home, they quickly learned of her declining health. Pastor Qadir shared with her about Jesus’ love for her and His power to heal.

“Jesus is the author of everything. He can release you from every disease, and He can give you a new life,” the pastor explained. “He also has power over all the evil spirits. … He can even protect you from all kinds of spiritual and physical disorders.”

A Decision to Make

While Yani heard Pastor Qadir’s words, she wasn’t ready to believe them and meet the Jesus of whom he spoke.

Unfortunately, Yani’s condition worsened. A year later, she recalled the words of Pastor Qadir and regretted dismissing them. She decided to meet with him to learn more about Jesus. Pastor Qadir happily spoke with Yani and encouraged her to attend the church’s worship service.

Yani visited the church and became a faithful attendee. She later made the decision to start a personal relationship with Jesus. Since that time, Yani’s health began to improve every day. She is growing stronger physically and spiritually as she continues to attend church with her children.

Thank you for your support of national workers like Pastor Qadir and their ministries, which help change the lives of many like Yani.