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A simple pull cart enables a farmer or vendor to drastically increase their profits, helping them meet their families’ daily needs.

December 2019 • Vol. 16, No. 10

All He Wants for Christmas Is a Cart

When Lai moved his wife and son to a village in the valley, he had high hopes of finding a job that earned more than his father’s job as a blacksmith. Instead of following in the family trade, Lai chose to work in agriculture because of its potential for higher wages. However, three years after moving his family, it did not seem his hard work was paying off.

Lai worked various jobs during that time. Sometimes he worked as a porter and other times as a daily wage laborer. Regardless of the job, Lai grew discouraged by the lack of income he earned for his family. “Some nights we slept without food,” Lai admits. “I prayed to God and cried for His help.”

Hope in the Trial

Thankfully, Lai, his wife and their son each had a personal relationship with Jesus. When money was tight and it was difficult to buy food, they knew they could turn to Jesus with their burdens. They also knew they could talk to their pastor.

Their local church was led by GFA-supported pastor Hasu. When Lai told Pastor Hasu of his family’s needs, he was encouraged by the pastor’s prayers and support. But Pastor Hasu didn’t stop there. He explained Lai’s situation to the church leadership.

Soon, Lai’s family received a pull cart as part of the church’s Christmas gift distribution. The cart enabled Lai to earn income by selling the fruit of the land. “I thank [the church] and its leaders; they provided me a cart. It is very useful for me. I am selling fruits, maize and vegetables in this cart,” Lai rejoices.

Lai’s son had planned to leave the country in search of better job opportunities. Seeing his father’s success, he canceled his plans and decided to stay.

As a result of the cart, Lai now makes a stable income and is able to support his family. His story is just one example of many who have benefited from the gifts donated through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalog.

Thank you for your generosity that makes giving Christmas gifts like these possible!

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