Gul’s desire to help her hardworking father support the family was finally realized when her GFA-supported paster, Udai, arranged for her to receive a sewing machine.

June 2019 • Vol. 15, No. 5

Desperate to Help Her Parents

Gul’s family lived in a mud-and-brick house roofed with plastic and tin sheets. Her father worked hard as a day laborer , sweating to put food on his family’s table. Gul admired her father, who loved them and did not neglect them to drink, like so many others in poverty. She wished there were some way to help him provide for their family.

One day, Gul heard about a tailoring class. The opportunity to learn a skill that could help support her family was an answer to prayer for Gul. After completing the course, Gul went to a shop to price out a sewing machine. Her heart sank when she saw her family couldn’t possibly afford it.

Determined to find a way, Gul asked a neighbor who had a sewing machine if she could use it occasionally. The neighbor forbade her to touch it.

Finding Another Way

Gul cried out in anguish to the Lord. She asked Him to help her family. Her parents loved the Lord and taught their daughters to love Him too, faithfully teaching them God’s Word and taking them to church.

Gul put that faith to the test. She prayed earnestly that God would provide a way for her to help her parents.

One day, with a heavy heart, Gul described her family’s financial crisis to GFA-supported pastor Udai, who led her local fellowship. She shared about her failed attempts to buy or borrow a sewing machine. Filled with compassion, Pastor Udai longed to help these precious members of his flock.

Pastor Udai prayed often for the struggling family. At the same time, he arranged for a sewing machine to be given to them.

Gul’s heart filled with gratitude the day she received a sewing machine at the gift distribution arranged by Pastor Udai. The young woman thanked God for hearing her prayers, and His provision strengthened her faith.

With the new sewing machine, Gul’s tailoring business took off. As she contributed to the family income and tithed on her earnings, her faith and servant attitude brought joy and pride to her parents’ hearts.