Through prayer, reading God’s Word or even sharing practical advice, GFA-supported pastors demonstrate Christ’s care for each area of people’s lives. Ajay (not pictured) was greatly impacted by following a pastor’s advice to see a doctor.

May 2019 • Vol. 15, No. 4

Pastoral Advice Leads to Needed Medical Attention

Ajay, weak and helpless, could no longer tend his rice field. His health had been deteriorating for a year. Apala, concerned for her husband and the future of their family, sacrificed many animals for his healing. But Ajay only got worse.

When Ajay became ill, he did not go to the doctor, relying instead on local spiritual practices to bring healing to his body. As he grew weaker and weaker, he was unable to work, and the family fell into difficulty.

Wisdom from Above

One day, a year into Ajay and Apala’s troubles, GFA-supported pastor Sumay met the couple. Pastor Sumay listened to Ajay pour out his burdens and frustrations. Encouraging Ajay in God’s Word, Pastor Sumay also counseled the father to seek medical treatment.

Ajay took the pastor’s advice and went for a medical checkup. The doctor diagnosed him with diabetes and prescribed medication.

Pastor Sumay prayed faithfully for Ajay and visited him often to see how the family was doing. Ajay told Pastor Sumay that every time the pastor prayed for him, he felt strengthened. As he consistently took his medication, Ajay got better. In a month, when he went for a follow-up, his blood work was normal! He started cultivating his field once again. As Ajay’s body grew stronger, his trust in Jesus grew stronger too. Eventually, he trusted in Jesus completely, just as his body had been completely healed.

Grateful for Pastor Sumay’s care and advice in a time of great distress, Ajay and Apala began visiting his church and now attend faithfully. They praise God for sending help at their critical moment.