Gospel for Asia Newsletter

When Reva received a sewing machine at a GFA Christmas gift distribution, her family’s financial situation was transformed!

May 2019 • Vol. 15, No. 4

New Friend’s Compassion Impacts Family

Sometimes a single compassionate act can change the course of someone’s life—or even a family.

Reva and her husband, Saju, had four grown children. Saju worked as a laborer to provide, but he never earned enough to meet all their needs.

One day, as GFA-supported pastor Niket was visiting homes in the area, he met Reva’s family. He saw their hardships and wanted to help.

Pastor Niket submitted Reva’s name to receive a gift in the next Christmas gift distribution. When the appointed day came, Reva received the perfect gift: a sewing machine.

Reva already knew how to sew, so she quickly started a tailoring business. This new source of income changed her family’s situation.

“The Lord has blessed me with a sewing machine at the right time, and now I can manage my financial needs,” she said.

In addition to gaining a sustainable livelihood, Reva’s family gained a friendship with the pastor. Seeing God’s faithfulness through His provision and through Pastor Niket, the family found lasting hope in Christ.

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