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Through literacy classes, women who had never before had the opportunity to be educated are learning to read and write.

May 2019 • Vol. 15, No. 4

Hard-working Mom Gains Second Chance

At age 34, Pival had a husband and five children, but she was missing something that most people gain during childhood. With her days spent laboring tirelessly in the fields to provide for her family, it seemed she was too busy to learn something new.

But when two GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion told her they were teaching literacy classes for women, the words tumbled out.

“I do not know how to read and write,” Pival said.

Struggling for Subsistence

Without education and with no land of their own, Pival and her husband struggled to provide for their children through slash-and-burn agriculture (clearing forest to cultivate crops) and through daily labor jobs.

They were desperate to please their gods. Every Wednesday, Pival fasted, performed rituals and sought her god’s blessing, but that didn’t give her prosperity.

Two Sisters of Compassion, Jiya and Shari, lived nearby. One day, as they were visiting ladies in Pival’s village who attended their literacy class, they met Pival. As they talked, Jiya and Shari told Pival of God’s love. They also explained they taught a class to help women who couldn’t read or write. Pival asked to join.

Pival (pictured) learned to read and write at a literacy class.

New Skill, New Hope

Glad for Pival’s interest, the sisters welcomed her to the class, which included about five other women. As they taught Pival how to read and write, their friendship grew. They continued to visit Pival, encourage her and pray for her.

Attending the literacy classes faithfully and eagerly, Pival soon could write her own name. Excitement and gratitude filled her heart.

“With the help of Sisters of Compassion team, I am learning to read and write,” she said.

Not only did she learn to read and write, but she also was impacted by Jiya’s and Shari’s friendship. Seeing their commitment to Jesus, Pival desired to know Him and placed her trust in Him. She got involved in the local church and began growing in her faith.

Because Jesus sent two friends to demonstrate His love, Pival gained the valuable skill she longed for—and a gift even more precious.

“I have found hope in the Lord,” Pival says.

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