Many parents' hearts are made glad as their children blossom under the care and guidance they receive at GFA-supported Bridge of Hope Center

April 2019 • Vol. 15, No. 3

Parents’ Apprehension Turns to Joy

Only age 10, Rajarshi doesn’t take education for granted. He enjoys learning new things and growing in skills such as singing, reading and drawing. But Rajarshi may never have had these opportunities.

In Rajarshi’s community, most people work as farmers or laborers to earn a meager income for their survival. While Rajarshi’s father worked in the fields, Rajarshi helped his mom with chores like pasturing the cows.

When Rajarshi got the opportunity to join the local GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center, his parents were apprehensive. They liked how Bridge of Hope helped the kids in their community, but they incorrectly believed the staff were forcing certain ideas on the children. Despite their mistrust, Rajarshi’s parents allowed the boy to join Bridge of Hope.

At Bridge of Hope, Rajarshi found fertile soil for his curiosity. He absorbed valuable teaching regarding academics and life skills, and he participated in many fun activities.

Changes Yield Gratitude

Rajarshi’s parents noticed changes in their son’s life. He improved in his studies, and he learned to speak politely and respect elders. His parents even saw him praying before meals, bedtime or going to school or Bridge of Hope. As their son gained knowledge and skills through Bridge of Hope, Rajarshi’s parents soon gained something too: a new perspective.

“I am thankful to Bridge of Hope staff for their valuable teachings,” shared Rajarshi’s father. “I am happy to see lots of changes in my son’s behavior now.”

Rajarshi’s parents and relatives are grateful for Bridge of Hope and the many ways it’s building up the community. Meanwhile, Rajarshi seizes his chance for quality education.

“I love to go to the Bridge of Hope center and learn things,” he says. “I will not stop coming to the Bridge of Hope center.”