As GFA-supported missionaries and other believers treasure their daughters, they encourage other fathers such as Sushil to reject negative views of their daughters and count them as blessings.

April 2019 • Vol. 15, No. 3

Father Finds Himself Blessed, Not Burdened

It was a day that for most parents would have been joyful: Sushil’s wife, Rajika, was ready to deliver their baby. But when she gave birth to a daughter, disappointment filled Sushil’s heart.

Sushil and Rajika had three daughters already, and in their society, people often viewed girls as financial burdens. When another daughter—not a son—was born, Sushil fell into a downward spiral.

Rajika and their daughters attended a church led by GFA-supported pastor Kanish. Sushil, though he didn’t yet know Christ, occasionally went with them.

After Sushil’s fourth daughter was born, people mocked him. Sushil wondered why going to church hadn’t given him a son.

Sadness and shame drove Sushil, already a drug addict, further down a path of addiction to drugs and alcohol. He began abusing his wife and daughters.

Distressed, Rajika confided in someone who could counsel Sushil: Pastor Kanish.

Help from the Right Place

Years before, the pastor himself had been a drug addict. But after a Christian shopkeeper befriended Kanish and invited him to church, the young man found freedom in Jesus. Kanish attended Bible college, began serving in ministry and got married. God blessed the pastor and his wife with three daughters.

Pastor Kanish visited Sushil. He shared that daughters were blessings, not burdens, and challenged Sushil to stop his destructive habits.

“Jesus died for your sins,” Pastor Kanish said. “Then why do you depend on drugs and alcohol?”

The pastor’s words encouraged Sushil, infusing his heart with hope. Sushil decided to depend on Jesus alone. Hungry to grow spiritually, he prayed and fasted regularly and opened his home for weekly prayer meetings. He began to love his family, not abuse them.

Now, instead of seeing his daughters as burdens, Sushil gives thanks to Christ, who lifted the burden of his sin.

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