For Sailik and many other families in Asia, an outdoor toilet facility such as this one is a treasured gift.

April 2019 • Vol. 15, No. 3

Because They Received a Toilet

As GFA-supported pastor Shantiv walked the dirt streets, he saw a great need. Poverty reigned in this particular slum, and many residents lacked a bathroom.

Pastor Shantiv has been ministering in this slum for some time. One day the pastor met Sailik. This man and his family, like many others who live in slums, did not have a toilet facility.

The family was forced to relieve themselves outside, and Sailik worried for his daughters’ health and safety. No facilities meant unsanitary and unsafe conditions. Faced with this dilemma, and with no solution, Sailik despaired.

Seeing this need, Pastor Shantiv reached out to his leaders and told them of this family’s plight. The leaders approved the request and constructed sanitation facilities for Sailik’s family and three others in the slum. Sailik was particularly grateful—their new toilet meant he and his daughters no longer had to relieve themselves outside or find the nearest toilet.

Touched through this blessing, Sailik saw that God cares and provides, even for his family’s need for a toilet. Eventually, Sailik and his family wholly embraced the love of God. Because of the gift of a toilet, and the safety and dignity it brings, this family now worships Christ.