Navita, a widow, was in dire financial straits. The Lord provided a sewing machine for her, and now she can provide for her two children.

September 2018 • Vol. 14, No. 7

Debt and Death Leave a Wake of Despair

Debt crippled Navita’s husband. As drought destroyed their harvest, all hope of paying off their loan vanished with the crops. Collection notices mounted, and Navita’s husband could only see one way out: suicide. Now, Navita and her two fatherless children faced the bleak future alone.

Hope Appears from Outside

No one helped Navita; too many others were in the same situation. One day, however, Navita met a GFA-supported worker, Mohan, who listened with compassion to her story. His heart was moved, and he gave her food and a little money. He started a prayer meeting in her home, but many villagers opposed this and would not allow Mohan to continue.

A Compassionate Heart Leads to Practical Help

Mohan often prayed for Navita and sought how to help her. During a gift distribution, he arranged for her to receive a sewing machine.

News spread throughout the village when Navita was given this free gift. Encouraged by the care and action of the church, local government leaders arranged for a monthly stipend for Navita.

Navita is now able to provide for herself and her children through the income she receives as a seamstress and her monthly stipend. The Lord lifted her out of the crushing debt and despair left by her husband, and she now has hope for the future, for herself and her children.