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Because Hansini chose to protect the life of her ill son, her husband abandoned her. Now providing for her family alone, she found great comfort when she learned Jesus values her and her son.

August 2018 • Vol. 14, No. 6

An Abandoned Mother’s Choice

Hansini looked incredulously at her husband. How could he want to kill their infant son? She refused to support his decision, which only caused more tension in the house and in their marriage.

Joy Turned to Sorrow

Hansini married Gautam when she was only 14, and their family grew to include two daughters. Hansini and Gautam both worked as laborers, but income was scarce, especially when Gautam squandered all his earnings on alcohol. His addiction caused many problems at home, and he abused Hansini.

Finally, Hansini found some relief after she bore Gautam a son. The delighted family named him Alhad, which means “joy”. Gautam’s behavior changed substantially, and he began to care for his wife and children.

But that joy was soon endangered—and so was Alhad. A year passed, and their beloved baby had not grown properly or learned even to sit. A doctor visit produced a shocking diagnosis: Alhad had a hole in his heart. Unable to afford the needed surgery, the family returned home.

The Cost of Love

Soon, Gautam announced he wanted to kill Alhad because there was no way to heal him. Hansini courageously opposed him. The tension in the home built. Finally, Gautam gave her an ultimatum: “You have to throw your son somewhere; otherwise I am not going to stay with you.”

Hansini sternly told her husband that at any cost, she would not kill her son.

After that, Gautam disappeared. Abandoned, Hansini struggled to care for her children. Each day, she faced the consequences of her decision to protect her son. But God, rich in mercy, sent some women missionaries to her to affirm His love for her and her son.

Jesus Loves the Little Children

One day, two GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion came to Hansini’s home. Hansini sensed she could trust these new friends, and she shared openly about her problems. Alhad was now 4 years old, and he still had not grown stronger.

The sisters comforted Hansini and reassured her of Jesus’ love for her and her child. Words from Scripture brought Hansini hope that one day, her son would be healed by Christ.

She asked the women to come to her home regularly to pray for Alhad, and she joined them in faith.

The Sisters of Compassion continued investing in Hansini’s life and in the lives of many others in her area. They visited Hansini every week to keep encouraging her and to worship Jesus together.

Although she is still without her husband, Hansini has discovered the One who never leaves us nor forsakes us. She has hope for her son and holds the knowledge that her Maker loves her.

Tragically, many women are abandoned by their husbands. These women endure many hardships and live much like widows. Thank you for enabling women missionaries to minister to women like Hansini!

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