No matter how well a child performs in school, they receive love, help and encouragement from the Bridge of Hope staff. This support can make a huge difference in a child’s growth and development.

June 2018 • Vol. 14, No. 5

The Girl Who Didn’t Want to Learn

Sahima’s parents worked hard every day, struggling to make enough to feed their family. Her father drove a rickshaw, and her mother helped out at a local school. If it had only been Sahima and her brother they needed to care for, they probably could have made due—but their grandfather and grandmother lived with them as well.

Six mouths were more than Sahima’s parents could fill. They did what they could, but when a GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center opened in their area, it helped them tremendously.

Sahima, only 6 at the time, enrolled in Bridge of Hope, along with her brother. They received fresh meals at the center every school day, which eased the financial burden her parents faced. But the center brought a lot more to this mischievous little girl than only the blessing of a full tummy.

‘I Love Bridge of Hope’

Little Sahima came to Bridge of Hope without any interest in pursuing her education. She didn’t know how to read or write, and she didn’t care to learn.

But the staff patiently worked with the young girl. They encouraged her, praised her and challenged her to grow—and she did.

Under the loving care of her teachers, Sahima developed into a mature young woman. She now reads every day, sings songs with enthusiasm and has improved in every way. Her parents are tremendously grateful, and so is 15-year-old Sahima.

“I love all the Bridge of Hope teachers,” Sahima shares. “They teach with friendliness and with full interest. They teach moral lessons and advise us with teachings that will help me even in my old age. I love Bridge of Hope.”

With the examples of her teachers before her, it’s no wonder Sahima wants to be a teacher when she finishes her education. Considering what her life was like when she was 6 years old, it’s truly amazing that she has these aspirations at all.