GFA-supported national workers respond to many natural disasters each year, delivering relief supplies even to remote areas.

June 2018 • Vol. 14, No. 5

Flooded Homes, Overflowing Hearts

“We were four members in our family when the water waves were increasing,” Tanish reflects. “We left our home to [go to] a safe place. ... Within a second, half of our house was in water, but we were saved.”

As floodwaters raced across the land, covering homes, fields and flocks with no distinction, men and women ran to save their lives and the lives of their children.

People moved to higher ground, seeking what shelter and safety they could find. Then, as the floodwaters that washed over Tanish’s village began to abate, nearby GFA-supported national workers set out to serve as emergency Compassion Services teams, bringing hope and help to all they could reach.

But getting to Tanish’s village wasn’t easy.

A Dangerous Road to Travel

A team of five traveled for six hours along a narrow road that many feared to travel. They carried rice, lentils, flour, oil, salt, spices and blankets—the barest essentials—along with the invaluable commodities of hope and peace. It wasn’t much, but it was more than most had.

“After losing our domestic things and half our home,” one man lamented, “we cannot live anymore. I am a poor person who depends on labor work for the survival of my family. Now there is not even money to buy food for my family.”

The team distributed relief supplies—supplies funded through the donations of GFA friends like you—and blessed 55 families in Tanish’s village.

“So far, no one reached with the provisions to our village,” Tanish shares, “but your church is the only one who came to our home and provided for us provisions. Thank you very much.”

Gratitude Transcends Disasters

In areas where annual floodwaters deluge homes and displace families, Compassion Services teams bring invaluable comfort and practical help.

Losing your home is devastating, whether it’s through the sudden onslaught of water, a fire or an earthquake. When a disaster strikes, there is little most people can do but run.

We praise God for enabling our brothers and sisters to bring hope, comfort, some food and shelter to people during their deepest hour of need—many of whom have never heard John 3:16. Thank you for your part in these stories of hope.