Nalesh (pictured) joined a GFAsupported Bridge of Hope centre when he was 8 years old. Now graduated from the centre, Nalesh looks back at the support Bridge of Hope was to him and his family and how it gave him hope for a better future.

April 2018 • Vol. 14, No. 3

The Impact of Education

Little 8-year-old Nalesh stepped into a whole new world when he entered the GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center for the first time. New opportunities and a hopeful future met him as he learned under the care of the staff. He was so proud to be learning his studies well.

Nalesh was born into a poor family, a family most of society purposefully avoided and shunned. It was a difficult life, and his family couldn’t provide him with very much. But when Nalesh joined Bridge of Hope, the staff helped unearth special talents the boy held.

As the years passed, the staff provided for his needs and encouraged him to pursue higher education. Through their encouragement and support, that is exactly what Nalesh did. The center also supported him in a three-month computer study. Because of all he had learned over the years of studying at the center, he gained confidence to pursue higher education.

So Thankful to Bridge of Hope

Nalesh is very thankful to Bridge of Hope staff for all the opportunities that have been given to him to study and gain a quality education.

“I am very lucky that I got an opportunity to study in the Bridge of Hope center,” Nalesh says. “It really transformed my life. The Bridge of Hope project center provided all the material needs for my studies, and it helped me to develop my skills and equipped me with computer training.”

Nalesh is grateful for the guidance of his teachers and for the good nutritious food he was given. But the gratitude does not stop with Nalesh. Aaditi, Nalesh’s mother, is also blessed by all that Bridge of Hope did for her son.

“I thank all the staff and the founder of the Bridge of Hope project center,” Aaditi says, “for caring for such children and making them self-confident for their further studies.”

Hopeful Future and Goals

Thank you for being part of changing the futures of little boys and girls, like Nalesh, through your prayers and support! Nalesh is now pursuing a course as a diesel mechanic—something he never could have done without Bridge of Hope and people like you.