After attending Sunday School, Bali and Keya came to know the Living God through the songs they sang and the Bible stories they heard, much like the children pictured.

April 2018 • Vol. 14, No. 3

The Building by Grandma’s House

Summer had arrived. Bali and Keya, 8 and 6, travelled to their maternal grandmother’s house. But after three days, the little boy and girl longed to leave. . . and go next door.

They had heard singing and laughter from young souls. The noises came from the building where GFA-supported pastor Taruntapan hosted Sunday school for local children.

Bali and Keya caught snatches about the One who changes hearts. They wanted to join in. They wanted to learn more. So that very morning, they braved the unfamiliar and stepped into the crowd.

There they learned stories unlike any they had ever heard, and they soaked them up. New songs of praise and joy sprang from their lips. They carried the stories home and shared the songs with their parents. It was a transformation they couldn’t contain.

The young siblings told their parents all they had learned; their excitement was unstoppable.

Next Sunday arrived, and Mom and Dad joined young Bali and Keya. They couldn’t contain their gratitude for the dramatic change God had swiftly worked in the lives of their children. Now they, too, want to learn more about the One people worshiped at the building by Grandma’s house.