This congregation struggled to meet together in homes throughout the week. They faced challenges of space, timing and location, until God provided a church building for them through GFA friends like you.

February 2018 • Vol. 14, No. 2

A Place for Prayer

It was 10:00 on Sunday morning. A crowd stood outside Htay Pyi’s house—fathers, mothers and bored-looking children, all wearing their Sunday best. They were waiting for Htay Pyi and his family to finish rearranging their home to accommodate the congregation.

The timing didn’t always work out right.

A Congregation with No Home

GFA-supported pastor Tamayan had a heart and a passion for the people in his region, and God was moving in many lives. However, the growing congregation had no consistent place to gather.

They tried to meet in people’s homes, but if a home wasn’t big enough, not everyone could worship there. When the meeting place wasn’t consistent, how would everyone know where to gather? But more importantly—how would new believers or people curious about Jesus know where to go to learn more about the One born in Bethlehem?

But this wasn’t just a problem on Sunday mornings.

“Most of our women are prayerful,” Pastor Tamayan explained. “They wanted to go to the church for prayer early in the morning, but since we did not have a church building, they could not gather.”

An Answer to Prayer

Thankfully, the GFA world was able to come together to provide a place of worship for Pastor Tamayan, Htay Pyi and the rest of the congregation! Today they have a spacious and beautiful building where they can praise the Lord together.

“I have seen more people coming to church for prayer,” Pastor Tamayan shared. “At dawn on Monday, most of the church members come and have prayer. Every Friday, the Women’s Fellowship has fasting and prayer. We have whole night prayer also in the first week of every month.”

What’s more—the children are learning, the youth are excited, the congregation feels more united and they are growing as more people come to this church building to learn about the Lord.

“I had been praying for 10 years for a permanent, local church building,” Pastor Tamayan said. Today, that prayer has been answered.

Praise the Lord!