A shopkeeper eagerly reads literature about Christ. Simple words on pieces of paper can carry tremendous hope to those who read them. GFA-supported pastors carry literature with them so anyone interested in learning more about the Word that became flesh can better understand His character.

February 2018 • Vol. 14, No. 2

A Double Engagement

Belli was 19 years old, and despite all her visits to doctors and magicians, she hadn’t yet had a menstrual cycle. Multiple marriage proposals had been cancelled on the young woman when prospective bridegrooms heard about her problem.

But then, one day, she wound up with a piece of paper about Jesus titled, “You Can Be Free.” In that moment, nothing else seemed to matter. She wanted to know and follow Christ, so she called the number on the back of the tract and connected with a GFA-supported pastor.

Belli eagerly started going to church, and soon her parents and three siblings joined her. Belli’s family and the family of believers prayed, asking God to heal her body. After five months, it happened! Belli was overjoyed. It didn’t take long for Belli and two of her siblings to make a public proclamation of their desire to live for Jesus—or for a young man to proclaim his desire to marry her.

Now Belli is doubly engaged—to her heavenly Bridegroom and an earthly one—and is free from the shame that once held her. And it all started with a simple piece of paper. Praise the Lord!