“[We] are always looking to help the people in their need based on the love of Jesus,” shared the GFA-supported pastor pictured. “Thousands of people [in this region] are being benefited through the Christmas gifts provided according to the need of people. There is only one purpose behind doing a whole lot of community development projects: to develop the citizens of [this nation.] The Lord Jesus has given [us] a great burden for helping people in need.”

January 2018 • Vol. 14, No. 1

Short Stories about the Impact of Christmas Gifts

Many people throughout the world have the skills they need to provide for themselves, but they lack the means to purchase required tools. Without these necessary resources, many become daily laborers, depending on inconsistent income to meet their financial needs.

Simple gifts, such as sewing machines or rickshaws, can provide families with a source of income, meeting their needs in such a way to make their daily lives easier.

“The majority of the people in our society are poor and underprivileged. Some of them are not able to take care of their families,” one GFA-supported worker explains. “Some of them are weak in their physical body, and they cannot work. In this situation, community-development gifts are helping them to survive.”

Thanks to your generosity, GFA-supported Christmas gift distributions have provided invaluable gifts to hundreds of thousands of families in need. Here are just a few stories from two such distribution events.

Son Starts Own Tailoring Shop

Goral had dropped out of high school to find work and provide for his parents. He joined a tailoring shop and learned the craft of sewing clothes. Unfortunately, he was only getting a small amount of money each month.

Then Goral, now 20 years old, received a sewing machine through a GFA-supported Christmas gift distribution after his pastor found out about his need!

“I am very happy to have a sewing machine of my own,” Goral says. “So far, I was working in another shop to earn money. Now I will put a shop in my own village and stitch clothes for my village people. There is only one tailor in my village. I will have a lot of clothes to stitch, which will give me money for the expenses of my family.”

Solar Light Helps Studies

At a GFA-supported Christmas gift distribution, Kalpa received this solar light! This simple device provides bright light to study by. It will also help his family save money that they would have otherwise spent on kerosene to light their lamps at night.

Kerosene lamps were not enough for Kalpa’s siblings to see their homework in the evenings. They often struggled with studying because it was too dark to read and write.

Kerosene lamps are also expensive to maintain, which can be difficult for poor families to afford. Thankfully, the Lord provided a solar panel for Kalpa’s family!

“There is no electricity facility in my village. This solar light will be very helpful for my brother’s study,” Kalpa says, “and we, as a family, will enjoy having bright light in our house. Thank you very much for providing me such a valuable gift.”

Buffalo, the Gift of Sustenance

This is Ravan with the water buffalo he received through the generosity of GFA friends like you. Thank you!

Ravan worked as a daily laborer, and he depended on each day’s earnings to feed his four children and send them to school. But sometimes his children would go hungry.

Then he received a gift he never dreamed he would have: a buffalo.

“My children had very little chance of drinking buffalo milk,” Ravan explains. “But now my children will have enough milk to drink. I can have a lot of milk products, which will be a really good [source] of healthy food for my family. This gift is an everlasting gift for my family. I am really thankful to you all.”

A New, Steady Income

Eshan, like many in his village, was poor. He earned a meager living as a daily laborer. As he strived to provide for his wife and son, he faced frustration and discouragement because he did not earn enough money to feed his family. By the Lord’s grace, his pastor saw his struggle and advocated for him to receive a Christmas gift.

He received a rickshaw, which helped him to earn a steady income. Eshan could not control his joy upon receiving his gift!

“I am very thankful to the Church,” Eshan shares. “It is all because of their support that today I am able to care for my family and feed my family properly.”