This Jesus Well is sporting a bright red ribbon because this photo was taken during its inauguration ceremony. Through the generosity and support of GFA friends, GFA-supported pastor Dayal could see a Jesus Well installed, providing clean, free, accessible water to the needy villagers.

January 2018 • Vol. 14, No. 1

From Contention to Peace

Only one source of water for a community of 100-plus people simply wasn’t enough. GFA-supported pastor Dayal and his fellowship of 10 believers felt the lack. Families would often wait hours for one bucket of water. One bucket to drink from, bathe in, clean and cook with. It was not uncommon for Pastor Dayal to see fights among his neighbors. The water crisis kept the village under turmoil—there was no peace in his village.

From his desire to display the love of Christ and meet the needs of the people around him, Pastor Dayal initiated the installation of a Jesus Well in the village. Thanks to the generosity of GFA friends like you, the striving in this community was replaced with peace after the Jesus Well construction was completed. Now anyone can come and go freely to obtain water, without having to worry about competition or there not being enough to drink. Experiencing this act of compassion, villagers are curious to hear from Pastor Dayal about how Jesus has moved in his life and how they can know Jesus, too. Thank you!