GFA-supported Bridge of Hope centers provide a quality—and fun—education for many children like Dhruvi (not pictured) who would otherwise not be able to afford schooling.

August 2017 • Vol. 13, No. 5

Where Dreams are Made Possible

A young, untidy girl walked through the doors of an unassuming building, while other children, many much neater and cleaner than she was, filed past her.

Dhruvi hadn’t been attending the center for very long and didn’t know the names of all her classmates, but she would learn more of them as time passed. In fact, she would discover a great deal of her own potential to bless others during her years in the GFA-supported Bridge of Hope center.

A Family in Need

Dhruvi’s family lived in a small house with no running water and no toilet. Her father found work as a tailor while her mother worked as a daily-wage laborer, but their earnings were insufficient to provide food for their two daughters, let alone the necessary school supplies.

“My parents did not study,” Dhruvi shares. “They have been working as laborers their whole life. But they are encouraging me to study well.”

When Dhruvi’s parents encountered Amoolya, who worked at the local Bridge of Hope center, they were eager to know if one of their children could be enrolled in the program. That’s how Dhruvi’s transformation commenced.

A Little Girl with Big Dreams

External changes were quick to take place and easy to notice: Dhruvi’s hair was neater, her clothes were cleaner, her nails were trimmed. The application of soap changed the way others might perceive her, while her new perception of herself helped her apply herself fully.

This is Dhruvi. Her life was transformed through Bridge of Hope.

Through her time at Bridge of Hope, Dhruvi developed a passion for study. She eagerly spent extra time going through her books, and with the help of her tutors, she excelled.

“Now I consider myself to have the necessary qualities to be a successful lawyer,” she declares. “I am a confident speaker who can argue a case with efficiency and potency.”

Through Bridge of Hope, Dhruvi has discovered she can help better the lives of those around her—both her parents and her community—and she is working diligently to see that goal accomplished.

“My goal is to study well and support my parents,” Dhruvi says.

Dhruvi’s parents are very grateful for Bridge of Hope.

“The Bridge of Hope staff have disciplined Dhruvi with great values and [have taught her] to keep good hygiene,” her parents express. “We rely on and are thankful for the fresh food, which is safe and nutritious; the basic needs provided to our daughter; and all the support for her education.”

Times of study at GFA-supported Bridge of Hope centers enable children like these to excel.

Thank You!

Thank you for your prayers and support for GFA and for children enrolled in GFA-supported Bridge of Hope centers. What a blessing to know our lives are part of helping little ones excel!

“We are truly grateful to you all for enrolling our daughter in Bridge of Hope,” Dhruvi’s parents say. “Now she is able to pay more attention to her studies and do the best that she can. Thank you, Bridge of Hope, for helping my daughter.”

And thank you, GFA partner, for helping to care for children as our Lord taught us to. May the Lord bless you.