Through exciting activities such as action songs, crafts and Bible lessons, children at Vacation Bible School (VBS) learn about how much God values them and wants to help them fulfill their purpose in life.

August 2017 • Vol. 13, No. 5

‘Run to Win’

It was early in the morning, and excitement filled the air—Vacation Bible School (VBS) had finally commenced! There had never been any activity like this in Ketaki’s village before, and the seventh grader was about to gain a new perspective on life.

Old Stories, Young Hearts

The theme for the VBS program was “Run to Win,” and the purpose was to impart to children the importance of having a goal in their life—something some of the children in Ketaki’s village may have never considered. Throughout the programs, Ketaki and the other children were prayed for, encouraged and inspired to grow and pursue their dreams.

As they—and other children across many nations—learned lessons from the Bible, like the story of King Jehoshaphat, who relied on God’s strength and found victory in his struggles, many children recognized how God can carry them through their own difficult circumstances when they rely on Him and His strength. Other children were inspired by the story of Joseph, who persevered through many years of hardship and never stopped trusting in God.

A Few Days to Inspire a Child Forever

“I am blessed personally through this program,” shared 14-year-old Ketaki. “Through this program, I learned to give priorities to my studies. I have an ambition to become a well-known nurse in the society as well as in my community, and I took the decision to move forward, relying on God’s strength.”

Proud mothers and fathers could hardly contain their joy to see their children growing in the knowledge and fear of God. They expressed their gratitude to the teachers who set aside their time to patiently teach their children. As VBS came to a close, people in Ketaki’s village were already talking about and wondering: When can we have another one?