Kulvir found full freedom from his alcohol addiction by trusting in Jesus to help him. Now he and his wife have a fresh start in life.

June 2017 • Vol. 13, No. 4

‘I Can’t Live Without Drinking’

Jaihayal heard that his uncle, Kulvir, had fallen into a bad way. His uncle formerly held a good reputation as a humble and gentle man, but now a steadily growing bondage to alcohol was sapping away his life and the life of his family.

It hurt Jaihayal, a Christian, to see his uncle in such a disparaging place, and he wanted to do something to help. That’s why he and his wife went to visit Kulvir. Jaihayal shared about Jesus’ love and encouraged Kulvir to give up his destructive habit. To Jaihayal’s dismay, Kulvir responded with the discouraging words, “I can’t live without drinking.”

Undaunted, Nephew Returns

Jaihayal and his wife left the troubled home that day, but they prayed daily and returned the following week. This time Jaihayal invited his pastor, GFA-supported pastor Nihar, to join him on his visit. They encouraged Kulvir to leave his alcoholism and find a fresh start.

Kulvir learned that Jesus could set him free from all kinds of bondage.

That day, Kulvir received a New Testament and was invited to attend church. Driven by the love of Christ and the desire to see Kulvir free and back to his old self, Pastor Nihar and Jaihayal continued to pray for Kulvir to change his ways.

With a great deal of prayer on his behalf and through several personal visits from the pastor and from his nephew, Kulvir did.

Thank You!

Today, Kulvir is completely free from his addiction to alcohol and has found a fresh start in Christ. His entire manner of life has been transformed, and he wants to reflect the love he saw in his nephew and pastor.

Thanks to the persistent prayers of pastors like Nihar and people like Jaihayal—and you—lives are being freed from bondage every day, whether that is bondage to alcohol, drugs or something worse.

Thank you for your partnership. Through your prayers, you help people like Kulvir live an overcoming life in Christ.