These two widowed women, and more than 100 others, received life-changing gifts through a special program held in their honor.

June 2017 • Vol. 13, No. 4

A Day for the Widows

One hundred and ten women gathered together, invited by the local GFA-supported pastor and workers. Some were young; some were old. Some were Christians; others were not. Some had young children; others were bereft. Each one was a widow. Each one was loved.

It was June 23, International Widows’ Day, and this church—along with countless others across Asia—planned to do something to honor them.

Some widows received goats. Others, cows. Some were given tin sheets to help build better homes. Others received sewing machines. Each one was blessed. Each one was helped.

‘God Loves All Human Beings’

In many areas of Asia, widowhood brings with it a terrible stigma. Widows, blamed for the deaths of their husbands, are frequently abandoned, mistreated and even exploited—sometimes by the ones who should care for them most.

But God hears the cry of the widow, and He has enabled us to minister to many such needy women.

“Widows, no need to worry, because you are not alone,” they heard from GFA-supported pastor Sonit during the program. “The church is with you. You have lost your dear one from your life, but God loves you all. This is the reason why we are here.”

Malvika gratefully received a sewing machine. “This sewing machine will become a great blessing for the survival of my family,” she said.

Bindu received tin sheets. “This is given by my loving Lord,” she shared.

At the event, another pastor shared: “We want to help our society. ... Take this small gift, and go with a cheerful heart, so that you may know that God loves all human beings.”

One of the widows, who attends the local church, said, “I am very much thankful to my God because He has given a church for us that has great concerns for the poor, orphan, widow and needy community.”

Thank you for standing with us to share that great love.