Short Stories About Jesus Wells
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Every Jesus Well has a story. These women, both leprosy patients, now have an abundant source of clean water in their village because of the generosity of believers like you around the world.

Every Jesus Well has a story. These women, both leprosy patients, now have an abundant source of clean water in their village because of the generosity of believers like you around the world.

April 2017 • Vol. 13, No. 3

Short Stories About Jesus Wells

Jesus Wells have the ability to transform villages, providing not only clean, fresh water but also the opportunity for people to find clean hearts and a fresh start at life in Jesus.

Every Jesus Well has a different story. With thousands of Jesus Wells blessing communities in Asia already, it’s difficult to share all the stories with you! Here you will find a small selection of stories we’ve received about Jesus Wells and what God is doing through them. We hope they bless you and remind you how being part of the GFA world through your life and partnership is making a tremendous difference!

Jesus Well Brings Villagers Back

Although the vast majority of Jesus Wells are drilled deep into the ground—some as deep as 1,200 feet—occasionally the location of a village and its unique situation requires a different approach for providing clean water.

That was the case in Muna’s mountain village, where villagers needed to walk two miles over steep hills and through valleys to gather water for their daily needs.

But today, around two miles of pipes connect that water source to the village’s Jesus Well, which for this region took the form of a cement water tank. Now this village has a local water source!

Muna is incredibly thankful for the Jesus Well and the transformation it has brought to his community. Several families who had left because it was too difficult to find water have now returned. Muna shares how the Jesus Well and the church building that was constructed nearby have united the people in his village and brought them all joy.

Dispensing Liquid Love

Pastor Ranadeva loved the people in his village and wanted them to know it. The people regularly heard about the greatest love of all—Jesus—but not everyone wanted to hear. Still, the pastor loved them as well as he could, and one day he was able to show them practically by drilling a Jesus Well to meet their need for clean water.

Datta, an elderly man in the village, had never been very interested in Pastor Ranadeva. But one day, after the Jesus Well was installed, he welcomed Pastor Ranadeva into his home. Datta listened from the Word of God and took some literature to read, and later he attended prayer meetings in the village, where God touched his heart.

Today, Datta and his family continue to draw water from the Jesus Well located less than half a mile from their home.

No Longer Waiting in Line

Poorva, a 50-year-old widow and mother of four sons, didn’t like having to wait in line at the only water pump in town. But until a GFA-supported pastor named Manit arranged for the installation of a new Jesus Well, Poorva had no other options.

After the well was installed, Poorva couldn’t hold back her gratitude. She thanked Pastor Manit profusely—she would have more time to do things around her home instead of standing in line, she shared. As they talked, she decided to attend Pastor Manit’s church, where she and her eldest son soon fell in love with Christ—the One who saved their time and changed their lives forever.

Eleven Jesus Wells

In a village of 15,000, one hand pump just wasn’t enough. Nevertheless, that’s all the people in Layak’s village had. As the leader of the village, Layak wanted to provide for his people, but he didn’t have the resources to do so. That’s why it filled him with such inexpressible joy when a local GFA-supported pastor inquired about installing Jesus Wells.

Within a few months, the dedication ceremony was held for 11 Jesus Wells, and hundreds gathered to witness, including several local officials. Many people expressed their astonishment that Christians would love them so much and follow through with providing for their needs.

“This is something very different that I am seeing today in my life,” shared one elderly man.

Layak, moved with happiness, made a bold decision: “I will donate a piece of land in the village for a church to be constructed as well,” he declared after the ceremony. “I want to see a church in my village.”

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