A Crowd of Christians
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

April 2017 • Vol. 13, No. 3

A Crowd of Christians

There were so many Christians. They couldn’t fit. The small house was packed already, and it was only getting worse as more people experienced the Lord’s grace and power.

When Ramani learned about GFA-supported pastor Duranjaya, she approached him. She needed help. She opened up and shared with him about her five-year struggle. She continually felt uneasy and tormented; it seemed to her that an evil spirit was affecting her life. When Pastor Duranjaya heard this, he prayed for the troubled woman, and she felt encouraged to start attending prayer meetings with the other believers. Ramani started going to prayer meetings, and within a few months, God freed her completely. She gave her heart to Him, and through her life and testimony, others did as well.

And so the number of people wanting to gather for worship grew. Ramani and the others gathered almost every week in the home of one of the believers. But, as much as they loved Jesus, not everyone was comfortable with the arrangement, and sometimes the believer who owned the house wasn’t available to host.

Still, more people wanted to gather together.

Crying Out to God

So they did what any congregation would do—they prayed.

For five years they cried out to God, asking Him to provide a permanent place of worship, a place that would hold everyone and allow them the full joy of fellowship together.

God honored and answered their prayer.

They received a piece of land and permission to build. Through the generosity of Christians around the world, the finances came in to begin construction.

Many of the Christians who hadn’t wanted to crowd into a small home gladly met to worship the Living God within the sanctuary of their new church building.

“Now we will not have any difficulty,” shares Kinshuk, one of the believers in the village, “but we can worship in freedom.”

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