How to Stop Beating Your Wife
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

December 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 8

How to Stop Beating Your Wife

After watching a movie about the life of Jesus, audiences are invited to come forward for prayer. Like Dulal (not pictured), many find peace in Christ and new hope for their families as a result.

“Sir, we have been going through numerous problems at our home, and there are always fights between me and my wife,” 30-year-old Dulal told Pastor Kaditula.

“I always beat my wife, and I don’t know what happens to me,” he went on. “Though I want to stop myself, I cannot. If my father comes to make me calm at that time, I don’t listen to him. In my family, we have no peace at all.”

Step One: Go to the Movies

Earlier that evening, a Gospel for Asia-supported worker named Sadar arrived in Dulal’s village to help Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Kaditula, who ministered to the people in the area. With the permission of the village head, Sadar and his team set up a screen and a projector and invited everyone they met—including Dulal—to come watch a movie about the life of Jesus.

Step Two: Stay After the Show

When the movie ended, Dulal didn’t want to go home. As he sat quietly with his wife, their children playing nearby, Pastor Kaditula and Sadar went over to talk to him.

“After watching the miracles of Jesus, I felt something different,” Dulal shared, after telling them of his troubles at home. “I am very interested to know more about Jesus. Can we believe in Jesus?”

“Yes, of course, anybody can believe in Jesus,” Pastor Kaditula told him. “He will give peace, and He is the way for eternal life.”

Step Three: Find Help

Then and there, Pastor Kaditula and Sadar prayed for Dulal and his family. They also visited him the following afternoon, where they found Dulal excitedly awaiting their arrival. The two men prayed again for Dulal, and before long God spoke to Dulal’s heart.

Today, Dulal and his family are praising Jesus with the local congregation.

Through the prayers and support of people like you, people like Dulal and his wife can now pray to Jesus together instead of argue. You are a vital step in the process of eternal reconciliation. Thank you for making a difference in people’s lives.

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