No Room for Worship in the Bamboo Hut
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

October 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 7

No Room for Worship in the Bamboo Hut

Many congregations, such as the one pictured, suffer for lack of a church building. This one has to meet under a large tree.

Pastor Syon clapped his hands and kept on singing. The room he worshiped in was filled with people—despite how small it was—yet his voice was the only one he heard. He tried not to let the lack of participation discourage him, but it did.

He didn’t blame his congregation for their silence. They had no musical instruments, and the cramped room hampered their ability to express their devotion to the Lord.

No Place Else to Worship

For five years, Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Syon and the believers gathered in the small, narrow bamboo structure they had built for worshiping the Lord. They knew it wasn’t a proper place of worship, especially because every six months they had to repair it.

The lack of space caused problems. It deterred the children from attending Sunday School because there wasn’t enough room to comfortably sing and dance. During the rainy season, flies would buzz around inside the bamboo hut, and worms would crawl up from the mud floor.

Three Years of Prayers

Pastor Syon and the believers prayed fervently for a permanent building. They needed a place where they could worship freely, a place where children could enjoy attending Sunday School, a place where people could know: This is a holy place where you can find God.

Finally, after three years of praying, Pastor Syon and his congregation rejoiced when the Lord blessed them with a permanent building they could worship Him in!

“The loving Lord heard our prayers,” Pastor Syon says. “[The community is] very happy that such a beautiful church is standing in the middle of the village.”

No flies buzz around inside; no worms crawl on the ground. The children—even those whose parents haven’t yet experienced God’s love—happily attend Sunday School.

The church has become a place of blessing for God’s people and for those who enter the sanctuary knowing that inside, they can find prayer, love and healing.

Worship Without Restrictions

Now, Pastor Syon and his congregation worship freely, loudly, boldly. They join in unison, praising the God who is faithful to hear and answer their prayers. Their worship even draws people to the church. Suvali, a Christian widow who had stopped going to a different church because it was too far away, remembers the day she joined Pastor Syon’s church.

“I saw a cross on top of the building, and I thought, This is a church,” Suvali recalls. “Hearing the worship songs, I could not control myself: I stepped back and entered into the church.”

Thank you for your prayers and gifts that give our family in Asia the chance to live fully for God.

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