K.P.’s Corner
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

October 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 7

K.P.’s Corner

The stories in this issue of Harvest are just a tiny glimpse of the Lord’s mercy and grace as He reveals Himself to the weary and oppressed.

Time and time again we see God is faithful to those who cry out to Him in their time of need, and often He uses normal people like you and me to point others toward Himself.

Raashi once carried heavy burdens, but now finds rest in her Heavenly Father. Ujendra and Maghi know how much Jesus loves them and are choosing to walk with Him—but how would this have been possible if they had never heard about the Lamb of God before? What if no one ever told them about His love?

You know, whether you support the work of national missionaries, give gifts through our Christmas Gift Catalog or have committed a specific area of Gospel for Asia’s ministry to prayer, you are doing it for the Lord and for our brothers and sisters who have devoted their lives to bring others real joy. You are the answer to the question the apostle Paul raises in Romans 10:15: “How shall they preach unless they are sent?” You have made it possible for these men and women to bring “glad tidings of good things” to those who once didn’t know hope existed.

On behalf of our brothers and sisters in Asia, I want to say thank you—your prayers and your partnership with Gospel for Asia provide them with the ability and the opportunity to give others a reason for the hope we have in Jesus. I pray this issue of Harvest has blessed you, encouraged you and shown you the power of our mighty God. May the Lord bless you as you serve Him.

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