‘Jesus Loves Us Through You’
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

October 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 7

‘Jesus Loves Us Through You’

Raised in a hostile environment, Raashi was touched by the kindness and care of the Women’s Fellowship team.

Born into a slum, Raashi knew no other life besides the one lived in a shanty with no private rooms, electricity or toilets. Her father and mother joined the other 29 families of the slum in picking through the garbage piles, collecting trash to sell. It was their source of livelihood. As Raashi grew older, the vices of slum life clawed at her. Under a neighbor’s influence, she began drinking and pursuing worldly desires that gave her momentary joy. She did what was right in her own eyes, while her family struggled under the heavy weight of poverty.

Seeing God’s Love in Action

Then a local Gospel for Asia-supported Women’s Fellowship group began to visit Raashi’s community. The group of women spent time getting to know the ladies of the slum and loving their children. They even taught about proper hygiene so the ladies and their families could stay healthy.

Raashi, 20, was especially moved by the Women’s Fellowship’s genuine love and care for her and the people in her community.

“[People] don’t even come near to us because they feel that we are dirty and smelly,” she said. “But you people are coming to us, talking lovingly and carrying our children. Really, it impressed me a lot, and I do see that Jesus loves us through you.”

Whenever the Women’s Fellowship group came to visit, Raashi spent time with them, learning of and being comforted by God’s Word. The seeds of Christ’s love took root deep in her heart, and now she experiences the joy of eternal peace.

Today, Raashi and 11 other ladies attend a small fellowship in their slum, where they can grow in the knowledge of God.

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