Many impoverished parents grieve that they are unable to supply their children with the necessary supplies to go to school—and to gain a brighter future. Bridge of Hope meets these needs for thousands of children.

October 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 7

‘I Will Always Remember’

The following testimony is given by a 2014 Bridge of Hope graduate named Advik.

When I was at the right age to begin schooling, my parents could not get an admission for me into a good school due to financial problems. Though I was the only son in the family, my father was unable to send me to a government school because I did not have a uniform, schoolbag or any of the other things necessary for my schooling. We don’t have a good house. The house we live in is made of bamboo and has a thatched roof. When any guest comes to our house, we have to [borrow] chairs from our neighbors. When the rainfall comes, we have to go to my grandparents’ house. …

Advik, 2009

My mother was so worried about my schooling and was praying to God for my good schooling. God answered her prayers, and the news came to my father that there was going to be an [educational] center in our village. My father wanted me to enroll in the center, but I was not willing to join. I wanted to help my parents, but my father enrolled my name in Bridge of Hope on August 1, 2005.

Beyond His Expectations

Like the other schoolgoing children, I thought Bridge of Hope [would be] like the other schools and would be a boring school. Soon, after two to three days, I began to have an interest in attending the classes every day. I liked the classes because the teachers taught us from books, but they also taught us songs, stories and discipline. Apart from this, I received a schoolbag, notebooks, a pencil and hygiene supplies, which my father couldn’t afford. All of these things helped me a lot in my schooling. When I saw other children with good clothes and schoolbags, I would cry inside because my father couldn’t afford those things, but Bridge of Hope gave me all of those things.

As children begin to attend Bridge of Hope, they discover that learning and participating can be great fun, inspiring them to listen and invest in their studies.

A God-given Opportunity

When I see my past, I know I wouldn’t have been able to continue my studies without the help of Bridge of Hope. I am really thankful to God for giving me an opportunity to enroll my name in the Bridge of Hope center. My teachers worked hard for us students to be able to build lives. … I passed [high school] and joined studies for a Bachelor of Arts degree. It’s only because of Bridge of Hope that I am able to continue my studies. I am sincerely thankful to my teachers, parents and friends for their support and prayers.

Even though I and [other] children like me have already graduated from Bridge of Hope, I can’t forget the good things Bridge of Hope has done in my life. I will always remember all that my teachers and Bridge of Hope have done [for me]. If I get an opportunity in my life to serve, I will definitely join the Bridge of Hope so I can help many other Adviks—those who are like me. I am so very thankful to my sponsor.

Advik, 2012

Advik is just one of thousands of children in Asia who have been blessed by Bridge of Hope since it began in 2004. Thank you for helping others find real, eternal joy through your prayers and donations to different Gospel for Asia-supported ministries. You are a blessing!