The Days of Small Beginnings
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

October 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 7

The Days of Small Beginnings

Even with young children, Gospel For Asia-supported pastors, such as Chetan and the one pictured here, are willing to go wherever the Lord leads them in order to share His love where no one else has.

As Chetan, his wife and their two children settled into their new home, he wondered how the Lord was going to use them in this village. There was no one familiar here—no relatives, no close friends. Still, the Gospel for Asia-supported pastor knew God hadn’t left them alone, even when there seemed to be no answer at first. Chetan and his wife began fasting every Friday, seeking the Lord together and praying for open doors.

One day, a woman named Maghi came to them with sadness in her eyes. She poured out her heart with bitter tears as she described the daily beatings she received from her alcoholic husband. She had no peace and no place to find refuge. Chetan and his wife talked with Maghi and comforted her in her pain. They told her about the Deliverer—the One who heals the deepest scars and redeems the worst of circumstances.

Freed from Alcoholism in Three Days

Then for three days, Chetan and his wife prayed and fasted, asking the Lord to deliver Maghi’s family. On the third day, God worked a miracle: Maghi’s husband stopped drinking alcohol! The family started attending church and found joy in the truth of God’s redemption.

When other people heard about Maghi’s testimony, they started to attend worship services in Pastor Chetan’s home. Many who came in search of healing and deliverance found it in the name of Jesus, like Jasveer, a man who suffered from severe asthma for years until God healed him in response to Chetan’s prayers.

Ten years after Chetan’s family moved to the unfamiliar village, the pastor leads a growing fellowship that prays and sings praises to the Lord together. Time and time again, Chetan and his family have seen God’s faithfulness, even through small beginnings.

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