Water Filter Removes Stomach Pain
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Bakul (left) with his new water filter.

Bakul (left) with his new water filter.

August 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 5

Water Filter Removes Stomach Pain

For years, Bakul and his family faced the debilitating effects of drinking impure water. Stomachaches, diarrhea, weakness, coughs and colds haunted them with every glass they drank.</p.

“I would take medicine for my stomach pain,” Bakul shares. “However, in spite of continuous treatment, I continued to struggle from unbearable pain in my stomach.”

Chance Encounter Changes Lives

A Gospel for Asia-supported pastor named Thorley served in Bakul’s village, but Bakul didn’t know much about him. One day, however, as Bakul passed by the church, he saw a large crowd: The pastor was passing out BioSand water filters to several people in the village.

“I asked Pastor Thorley to give me a water filter, and to my surprise, he gave me a filter,” Bakul shares. “Now nobody is suffering from stomach problems in my family.”

Bakul, having witnessed the kindness and generosity of Christians, has become curious to learn more about Jesus Christ. What’s more, Bakul is able to interact with Gospel for Asia-supported workers when they visit to perform routine maintenance on his filter.

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