Finding Inspiration to Live
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 5

Finding Inspiration to Live

Every day, Priti, her older sisters and her mother, Chunni, had suffered the daily abuse of her father’s drunken rages. As Priti listened to her mother cry through the nights, it slowly dawned on her that her father had left them and he wasn’t coming back. They were alone.

Mother Struggles to Provide, Dies

Priti’s mother found work in a rice field, but the labor was hard and she frequently became ill. Without a sustainable income, Chunni couldn’t send her girls to school; she couldn’t afford to feed her children; she couldn’t visit a doctor to treat her illness. Chunni eventually arranged for Priti and her siblings to live with their grandparents, though this didn’t improve their lot in life very much. Unable to afford medical care, Chunni died.

Priti didn’t know how to express her grief or where to find any answers for her struggles. Without the love of her parents, joy slowly seeped out of the 14-year-old’s life.

God Provides Life, Hope

But Priti’s story doesn’t end in hopelessness. The staff at a nearby Gospel for Asia-supported Bridge of Hope center heard about Priti’s heart-wrenching situation and visited her home to see if they could somehow bless the young girl. Their hearts ached when they witnessed her gaunt and haggard expression.

Before long, Priti enrolled in the Bridge of Hope center where the staff encouraged her, prayed for her and also helped her practically through things such as daily meals, school supplies, bars of soap and lessons on cleanliness and morals. Within two months, the girl’s outlook had changed completely.

The Christ like love and examples of Bridge of Hope teachers across Asia (top) impact students like Priti (above) deeply.

The Christ like love and examples of Bridge of Hope teachers across Asia (top) impact students like Priti (above) deeply.

“I have inspiration to study and perform well in my studies,” Priti shares. “God is my inspiration. I attend [the] Bridge of Hope center regularly, and I [have] learned moral values of the society. … I praise God for the Bridge of Hope that made my life more meaningful and helped me to grow excellent in studies.”

Thank you for helping make stories like this possible through your love, prayers and donations. You are making a bigger difference than you know.

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