As a single mother, Gina is able to provide for her daughter’s education by selling milk from the cow she received on International Widows’ Day last year.

August 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 5

Finding Help in a Bucket of Milk

Just one year ago, life was different for the young woman.

Gina could feel the daily ache in her muscles from her hard labor. Dust from the quarry where she worked mingled with the sweat on her brow; she wiped it away before it could drip into her eyes.

Just one year ago, life was different for the young woman. One year ago, Gina was happily married and cared for. Then she lost her husband and made the heart-wrenching transition from being a housewife to working in a quarry as the sole provider for her and her 9-year-old daughter.

The work was backbreaking and money was tight, but somehow she managed to meet all of their needs— all but one. Gina couldn’t send her daughter, Prithika, to school, and it broke her heart.

Widow Finds Hope

When Gina happened to meet a group of women from the local church a few years ago, she unloaded her struggles and heartache on their attentive ears. They told her about Jesus, the God who can help anyone in their troubles. Curious to know more, Gina talked with GFA-supported pastor Ekanpreet. When Pastor Ekanpreet further explained Jesus’ grace, she soon embraced His love.

The Gift of a Cow

The church Gina attends, like many other churches GFA is privileged to stand with, hosted a special outreach for widows on International Widows Day last year. At this event, Gina received a cow— and this gift has transformed her life.

When the cow gave birth, Gina was able to start selling milk in her neighborhood. Through the proceeds, God provided for Prithika’s education, much to the mother and daughter’s delight. Today, Gina cheerfully gives a portion of her profits to the local church.

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