Meeting the God Who Loves Widows
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

June 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 4

Meeting the God Who Loves Widows

If there is a god, she thought, Why does he not care for me? Why did he let me face such a sorrowful life?

The civil war changed everything for Gargi. It took away her husband and her two sons. It took away her home, her bed, her food.

For more than five years, the widow passed her days in desolation, idleness and sadness.

If there is a god, she thought, Why does he not care for me? Why did he let me face such a sorrowful life?

Angry about her circumstances, Gargi chose to turn her back on all the gods and goddesses she had ever heard of. She didn’t know about Jesus, though.

Jesus, however, knew Gargi. He saw her plight, and He loved her.

Moving to a Pastor’s Town

After spending half a decade in the refugee camp, Gargi moved out. The government provided her with a small hut in a nearby town, but she didn’t have any means to make an income. She would beg from neighbors and strangers, but still she often found her stomach empty at the end of the night.

Seeing her, Jesus sent His servant, a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor named Sadiva, to minister to Gargi. Every couple of weeks, Pastor Sadiva would come to Gargi’s home. He encouraged her from the Word of God, prayed for her and told her about the God of love. He also aided her by providing practical gifts of food and clothing. Life was still a struggle for Gargi, but these gifts helped her survive.

It gradually dawned on Gargi that Sadiva’s God cared for her.

Widow Experiences God’s Love

For almost six months, Pastor Sadiva prayed for Gargi, visited her, encouraged her and helped provide for her needs. One day he told her, “Jesus will not forsake anyone who is lonely in life.” These words touched her heart, and through them she understood the depth of Christ’s love. As Jesus poured out His love on her, Gargi decided to entrust her heart to Him.

Soon, one of her relatives started providing her with a daily meal—a miracle Gargi could hardly believe. What’s more, she received a ration card from the government, enabling her to purchase everyday items for her daily use.

She started attending the church led by Pastor Sadiva—a church where a few other widows from the surrounding area had also come to understand the love of God.

Loved for Eternity

Today, Gargi has a job she is able to do, and she has even become self-supporting. Her heart is filled with joy now that she knows her God loves her. And someday, she will be able to spend eternity with the One who loved her so much He died to bring her new life in Him.

Praise the Lord we get to be a part of seeing this love story unfold again and again as people in Asia, including widows, are coming to understand and experience the great love of the Savior.

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