Sewing Machine Helps in Time of Crisis
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

April 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 3

Sewing Machine Helps in Time of Crisis

Murali and Tulika faced poverty every day. When they started attending a fellowship led by a Gospel for Asia-supported pastor, Tulika was able to sign up for a tailoring class at the church. Unfortunately, the only sewing machine she could find didn’t work properly. She prayed God would provide a better one, one she could actually use—a prayer God answered through friends of Gospel for Asia.

In the meantime, Murali’s father, Kaditula, became paralyzed. Kaditula couldn’t leave his bed so Murali, the family’s only breadwinner, became his full-time caretaker. At the time, Tulika had just begun sewing clothes for her family and neighbors. With her new sewing machine, she was able to make a moderate income to help sustain her family.

Over time, things improved for the family. Although Kaditula is still physically weak, he can now move his hands and sit by himself. Murali found work as a security guard in an office building.

“At present, [my wife] is not fully involved in tailoring work,” Murali said. “But by the grace of the Lord, she is helpful to the family. Now she can meet her needs.”

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