A Pastor’s Intercession
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

April 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 3

A Pastor’s Intercession

Gospel for Asia-supported pastors pray for and encourage those who are sick. Many people like Mihirkiran are completely healed as a result!

Pastor Babala was a family man who had nine children. So when he happened to meet a man whose children were going hungry, compassion stirred his heart.

The man, Mihirkiran, had been working hard labor from morning to night to provide for his family until the excruciating effort took its toll on his body, leaving him sick, weak and unable to work. Mihirkiran’s wife had to care for their three young children and couldn’t help provide for the family. With the breadwinner sick, the family found themselves in desperate need.

Visiting Pastor Provides Rice

Gospel for Asia-supported pastor Babala visited Mihirkiran one day and learned of the family’s struggles. When the pastor and his wife came back the next day, they realized the family had no food to eat and their children were going hungry. Moved with compassion, Pastor Babala and his wife gave the family enough money to buy rice for their children. Mihirkiran was very happy for the help.

Surprised by God’s Answers

Over the next several days, Pastor Babala encouraged Mihirkiran and his family, sharing from the Word of God and praying for Mihirkiran’s healing. Before long, Mihirkiran’s health was completely restored! Surprised by this miracle, Mihirkiran and his wife came to understand Jesus as God, the One who died on a cross and heals the sick.

Today, Mihirkiran and his wife are learning more about the Jesus they love by attending the church Pastor Babala leads.

Thank You

Every day, Gospel for Asia-supported pastors like Babala reach out to those in their communities, actively sharing the love of Jesus with people, whether that means praying for them or helping provide a meal. God is making their ministry possible as people like you stand with them through prayer and financial support. Thank you.

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