A Miracle Quenched His Fiery Tongue
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

February 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 2

A Miracle Quenched His Fiery Tongue

The man’s gruff words stung the hearts of Tulya and her two companions. “Why are you wasting your time in unnecessary things?” Madhuk scolded the women. “Don’t you have any [other] business?” Little did he know, those “unnecessary things” would one day mean the difference between life and death.

A Sharp Response

Madhuk faithfully worshipped the gods of his ancestors and held fast that each village should worship their own deities. At almost 60 years old, Madhuk worked as a farmer in the paddy fields near his home until health problems began to plague his body. For two years, diabetes and other ailments made it difficult for him to work the long, hard hours in the field.

Even before he met three Gospel for Asia-supported women missionaries, Madhuk had a reputation for being unfriendly. When Tulya, Hansa and Puji talked with him and spoke to him about the Word of God, Madhuk became irritated and refused to listen to them. He told them not to come back and treated them as women unworthy of respect.

Madhuk’s cutting words hurt and discouraged the women. After they left, they encouraged each other with Scripture to lift their spirits before pressing on to minister to the other people in the village. With hearts still burdened by Madhuk’s response, the sisters continued visiting others, praying for them and telling them about the great love of Jesus.

Faith for Healing

Weeks passed, and Madhuk’s already failing health became worse. His family didn’t have the money to go to a doctor for help, so they called on witch doctors for treatment. Worry slowly crept into their hearts as his health continued to deteriorate.

During this time, God spoke to Sister Tulya’s heart and told her to visit Madhuk again. Although their previous encounter with the man remained clear in their memory, she and her friends went to see Madhuk in obedience to the Lord. When the women arrived, they found Madhuk confined to his bed. Madhuk’s family told Tulya and the other two women about his suffering and agreed to let the missionaries pray for healing.

That evening, Madhuk was able to stand up and walk around! Delighted at this miracle, he thanked the women and welcomed them to come back and pray for him often. Yet even as Madhuk began to believe in God’s power, his friends sowed seeds of doubt in his heart.

“Why do you allow yourself to be treated so cheap?” they ridiculed him. “How can you easily forsake the god of your ancestors?”

As he thought about it, Madhuk started to believe that time had simply healed his body. From then on, he avoided Tulya and her companions . . . until he became sick again.

Within a month of his healing, his health problems returned in full force, making him weaker with each passing day. Nothing the family tried brought relief. Madhuk fell into depression, and his wife worried he would die.

Faith in the Healer

When Madhuk’s wife ran into the women missionaries on her way to the local market, she poured out her sorrows. The sisters had compassion on her and went back to visit the family. There, Tulya and the two other women shared the Word of God and prayed for Madhuk, and they encouraged the family to trust the Lord.

When his health miraculously improved a second time, Madhuk was convicted of his unbelief in the Lord’s power. He is confident now that Jesus healed him of his burdens. Today, Madhuk is not only walking around, but he also is walking daily with the gentle Saviour and growing in his faith with fellow believers.

Thank you for standing behind women missionaries like Tulya, Puji and Hansa. Just as our sisters in Christ honoured the Lord through obedience in ministering to Madhuk’s family, you have honoured God by taking action and following what He has called you to do in His name. May the Lord bless you!

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