Widow Receives Aid After Tropical Storm
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

January 2016 • Vol. 12, No. 1

Widow Receives Aid After Tropical Storm

As a widow, Tanuja found it difficult to provide for her four children even before Cyclone Phailin hit in 2013. Though casualties were few, the severe tropical storm ravaged much of South Asia, including Tanuja’s home and all the family’s belongings.

No one gave aid to Tanuja’s family in the days following the tragedy, except for Gospel for Asia-supported Compassion Services workers, like Pastor Baladhi and the church he leads. The believers brought the family food and helped them back on their feet, and Pastor Baladhi continually encouraged them from God’s Word. As Tanuja experienced these acts of love, she and her family decided to leave their old ways and put their trust in Jesus.

Thank you for your efforts to bring the Hope of the World to people like Tanuja. You truly are making a difference—you’re changing lives in the name of Christ Jesus!

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