Unwanted Daughter Shares Her Story
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

September 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 6

Unwanted Daughter Shares Her Story

The following comes from an interview with Darshana, a child living at Gospel for Asia’s House of Hope, a home for abandoned and runaway girls. This interview took place in 2014, when Darshana was 11 years old.

My name is Darshana, and I am in fourth grade. We are five siblings. I am the oldest one. My younger brother is elsewhere. He is in another orphanage. But we four sisters are here in House of Hope. The youngest sister’s name is Hinda. Older to her is Lalana, then Latangi. I am the eldest. I am Darshana.

Children Live with Drunken Father

Before coming to House of Hope, we were staying with my father at home. I don’t have my mother right now. She actually ran away from home. I do not know where she is.

My father is a painter, but he used to drink a lot and used to come home and beat my mother severely. … We also didn’t want to stay with our father because my father used to beat me very hard. … He used to use [a] big cane, and with that he used to beat me anywhere on the body.

We were very small, and we used to play. If we were not doing any work at home like cleaning the house or if we were playing with other children, my father used to get furious, and he used to come and beat me.

Little Girl Flees Father’s Abuse

Darshana grew so distraught with the beatings that she ran away from home. For five days, she wandered the streets alone.

When I ran from home, I didn’t know where I went. But I walked so far, and I was very hungry. But I didn’t eat anything. I was very sad and upset with my father.

After Darshana wandered the streets for five days, some police officers found her and took her to an orphanage for the night. The next morning, the Child Welfare Committee began investigating her situation and soon stepped in to help. Her brother entered one orphanage, and the four sisters entered Gospel for Asia’s House of Hope.

Sadly, Darshana’s father has no desire to be a part of his children’s lives.

Children Find New Life at House of Hope

I like this place so much, because the way my mother loved us, the way my mother cared for us [is the] same way this staff . . . cares for us. It is like my own home.

The reason I think they love us so much is because they love God. They serve God. Because of God’s love, the staff here, they care for us, and they love us. Had they not known Jesus, had they not loved God, they would not have loved us the way they love us. Nobody would have ever loved us the way the staff here loves us.

From Poverty to Provider

After Darshana’s mother left, the young girl had to drop out of school to take care of her siblings. Since joining the House of Hope, she has been able to resume her studies. As Darshana grows, she plans to learn tailoring, and then eventually become a teacher to help give poor and needy children an education.

So many children could not go to school because of the financial condition or some other problem at home. I want to become a teacher so I can teach those underprivileged children. . . . I want to serve them.

Thinking of or imagining leaving this place hurts me so much. … We [are] blessed here

Thank you so much for your love, prayers and support for the ministries of Gospel for Asia. You are making a greater difference than you realize, enabling us to reach out to precious little girls like Darshana to show them the eternal love of Jesus.

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