Pure Water Brings Health to Village
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

September 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 6

Pure Water Brings Health to Village

How are people living in this village? Gospel for Asia supported pastor Sadavir wondered.

The water in this remote village was filled with clay, iron and mud, plaguing residents with frequent fevers, colds and digestive problems. Although many people tried to make water filters, it didn’t help.

“In the summer, we suffered a lot due to the scorching sun,” a villager named Gatik shares. “We desire a glass of water, but by seeing the impure water, our thirst goes away.”

When he saw this great need, Pastor Sadavir and a team of Gospel for Asia workers organized an event to distribute BioSand water filters to needy villagers.

Those who have the water filters allow their neighbours to use them, so everyone now has access to pure water.

“Now we are drinking very good water,” Gatik says.

Village health has improved greatly since having the filters, and thankful for the gifts, people also have grown interested in learning about Jesus from the local pastor.

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