K.P.’s Corner
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

September 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 6

K.P.’s Corner

As I travel through so many nations, I often hear the words “thank you.” Sometimes this phrase is communicated in a language I understand; sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s just in a look or in someone’s body language, but I still understand what the person is trying to tell me.

The words “thank you” are some of the sweetest words in any language, but I think we sometimes glaze over them. The more we hear them, the more they seem to lose their meaning!

Please, read this slowly, and really seek to understand what you are part of through your prayers and donations. I wish you could see my eyes as I’m saying this. These simple words are so much more than just words.

Thank you. Your prayers enable Gospel for Asia-supported missionaries like Pranish to continue in the grace of God, sharing His love with precious men and women who have never heard the name of Jesus.

Thank you. Through the donations of men and women like you, Gospel for Asia workers are able to bless mothers and fathers with practical gifts such as sewing machines, winter clothing and access to pure water, enabling them to care for their families.

Thank you. Through your generosity and prayers, you are part of ministering to girls like Darshana, showing them a love they never received at home.

Thank you. Your prayers enable boys like Natraj to discover their hidden talents at Bridge of Hope centres. The futures of many children are being made bright as men and women like you give and pray on their behalf.

Thank you, my brother, my sister. Your prayers and donations have made an eternal difference in the lives of those Jesus died for.

Through you, the world will never be the same.

Thank you.

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