They Are like Family
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 5

They Are like Family

Isa’s heart was heavy. She had no peace or joy in her life. Her family’s poverty had always been a hard-hitting source of pain, even as a young child. Isa knew little else but the struggle for daily survival. When Isa’s father died, the sadness only deepened, and it forced her to think deeply about her life and God.

Though Isa came from a Christian family background, she had no guidance in her life. Her parents never encouraged her to know Jesus personally. Instead, she spent her days roaming around her village playing with friends. Even when her mother remarried, their family condition remained a constant struggle.

Staff Brings Comfort in Tragedy

It was when Bridge of Hope came into her life that Isa felt the fist ray of joy. Isa’s stepfather happened to meet Bridge of Hope staff one day and told them about his family’s situation. The staff listened to his words with kindness. As they learned about the family’s hardships, they offered Isa a place in the centre.

Isa’s life began to change as she experienced the genuine love of the staff. She felt as though they were her family. Drawn by their warmth, wise guidance and concern for her well-being, she began to open up to them. Isa shared with the staff her worries and troubles, and in return, they encouraged and prayed for her. She flourished under their loving care. As Isa devoted herself to her studies, she soon was one of the best students in her class.

But once again Isa faced a torrent of pain when her mother passed away six years later. The Bridge of Hope staff were there to encourage and comfort the now 15-year-old. It was during this time that Isa heard the Lord speaking to her heart. She realized for the fist time that Jesus’ love was real, and she came to the saving knowledge of Christ.

Hope and a New Beginning

Joy and peace now fil Isa’s heart. She is thankful beyond expression for the Bridge of Hope staff who gave her such guidance and love as she grew up. Through the love of Christ and the staff who portrayed this love, Isa no longer lives in the pain and sorrow of her past.

Because of your support and prayers, thousands of children just like Isa are receiving this love and care. Thank you for your heart to touch these children!

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