Healed After 15 Years
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

August 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 5

Healed After 15 Years

For 15 years, a goitre had been swelling on Preeti’s neck. Her family took her to doctors and local religious establishments and spent large amounts of money on treatments, but her ailment only became worse.

One day, Preeti’s family met a group of Gospel for Asia Sisters of Compassion who told them about the hope of Jesus. The family was impressed by the women’s lifestyle and their kindness. Because of their love, Preeti felt at ease to share her struggles with the Sisters of Compassion.

They prayed for Preeti’s healing on a regular basis, and Preeti chose to go to a prayer meeting at the local church building. The swelling in Preeti’s neck gradually decreased until it healed completely. When her family saw she was healed, they all chose to trust Jesus with their lives.

With the support of partners like you, our Sisters of Compassion were able to reach Preeti and her family with Christ’s love. Thank you for your generosity!

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