Cow Helps Man Build Home Addition—and the Kingdom
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

January 2015 • Vol. 11, No. 1

Cow Helps Man Build Home Addition—and the Kingdom

Payod longed to expand his family’s small home, but he could barely afford to keep their stomachs satisfied. Although Payod had worked hard selling tea every day, he couldn’t meet all of his family’s needs.

Payod, who’d been walking with Christ for 20 years, stood strong despite this poverty and was seen as an example of faithfulness in the local church.

Last year, Payod’s pastor requested a gift for him through Gospel for Asia’s Christmas Gift Catalogue.

Payod received a cow not long afterward. With this valuable source of income, he started selling milk, and the Lord lifted his family from poverty.

“Now I have extended the corridor in my small house,” Payod says. “I am so thankful to God and the church leadership for helping me in my difficulties.”

This gift has enabled Payod to both renovate his home and build up the Body of Christ. He now supports one of his daughters financially as she attends Bible college, and he regularly gives a generous offering to the church, filled with gratitude to the God who provides.

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