She Would Have Been Looking After Cows
Gospel for Asia Newsletter

October 2014 • Vol. 10, No. 7

She Would Have Been Looking After Cows

Salena didn't envision anything great for her future. Life after high school had meant hard work in a hazardous factory for her two older brothers, and Salena had no reason to believe her life would be any more promising.

Although both of Salena’s parents worked hard to provide for her and her five siblings, they could never make ends meet. There wasn't always enough money to feed their children every day, and there certainly wasn't money for school supplies and fees.

When a Bridge of Hope centre opened in Salena’s community, her whole life changed. She was enrolled in the centre and began receiving everything she needed to pursue her education.

Salena enthusiastically applied herself to her studies and actively participated in Bridge of Hope activities. She began to truly enjoy her studies, and it showed in her grades, both at school and on the state exams.

By experiencing the care of the Bridge of Hope staff, Salena realized Jesus loved her, and when she was 15, she decided to follow Him. From that moment on, she became determined to love and serve Him all her life.

In Grade 12, Salena felt the Lord calling her into full-time ministry. Today, she is receiving the training she needs to fulfill her call and reach many with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Bridge of Hope Provides for Needs, Uncovers Talents

Salena knows her life would be very different without Bridge of Hope.

“If I had not joined Bridge of Hope, I would have been looking after cows of a landlord, or I would have gotten married and gone to my in-laws’ home, because my parents had no money to send me to school,” Salena said. “I clearly remember many nights we went to bed without food. Sometimes I didn't have soap to take a bath, and [I had] no detergent to wash my clothes. … But then the Bridge of Hope project became . . . an agent of change and a stream of blessing in my life. Joy and peace came into my life as well as in my home. I was given all my needs from BOH like other children in the [program]. I discovered my hidden talents, abilities and life’s purpose. ... Very practically and personally I experienced that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”

Thanks to God’s grace and to caring sponsors, Bridge of Hope continues to encourage and equip children to become the men and women God has created them to be.

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